At Turning Mommy, one of the things we recognize is the transition to motherhood. It often results in mothers focusing so much on nurturing and managing their families, that sometimes it can be difficult to manage taking care of the self as well. It is difficult to make yourself a priority, or often may feel overwhelming. 

We know, been there, and here to help.

As a weight loss coach, nutrition expert, mom, and long-time project manager, Christina at Turning Mommy wants to help with the transition, with feeling whole and healthy.  We have aligned with the proper individuals to offer the support you need.

Here are 3 Programs we currently offer:

Meal Planning and Nutrition Guidance
This service is provided by a Registered Dietitian. Whether you with to lose or maintain weight, get back on track to healthy eating, or needing support in planning meals, the coaching guides you to find how to make easy changes to your lifestyle. 

Mom to Mom Support
From simple motherhood questions to releasing and having that shoulder, the focus is help with the pressures and learning curve. Whether it is seeking resources or needing help tackling all the questions that may be coming up, we can be that guide. Part of this program is doing the research for you, and pointing you towards professionals you may need. 

Organizational Aid
This is a program to help feel less overwhelmed and focus on de-cluttering and feeling more organized.  We tackle daily to weekly issues and make little changes towards organizing your space and feeling less chaos, overall.

Program offerings can vary from phone, email, in-person coaching (if in the Lower Mainland area), or live webinars. 

Contact us today to discuss further and see if this is a fit for you.