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At Turning Mommy, we love creating healthy, nutritious, kid-friendly, and easy recipes.  

And now you can have them at your fingertips. 

Recipe Cards with Full Information
We have taken all our recipes and formatted and designed them into nice 4X6 Index cards. These cards go beyond the blog because they have, in addition to the recipe:
  • a nutritional analysis done by a Registered Dietitian
  • points about what makes that recipe healthy
  • customizable to include names, logos or a message

Each set of cards ordered can be branded (without the Turning Mommy logo) to whatever you wish. On the designed recipe card, we can add any company logo, picture, or message, whatever it is that you wish to incorporate.

Whether these cards will be used as handouts to clients, included in a gift to a friend, or for yourself, we can add any messaging (within a text and size limit), to make it your own personalized or branded cards. We just ask for the graphic you wish to include.

Sharing is Caring
These recipes are meant to be shared. Recipe cards are great to circulate with friends, family, and colleagues.  If you are a nutrition, fitness or health consultant, these are great resources to have on hand to provide to clients. 

Recipe cards are provided in packs of 10.  

For a list of our current recipes, please click here

Contact me  for more information and prices.